Song of Sundering is the first novel in the epic fantasy Array Series. Set after the cataclysmic Sundering, the novel follows seven characters as they struggle to make sense of their rapidly changing world. The prequel short story, Heart of the Mountain, is available to read for free.

Release Date: August 20, 2021

War advances toward Prin’s backyard, old knowledge of Source magic shatters, and the precarious hierarchy that keeps Prin stable is collapsing under the weight of refugees. While the leaders of Prin’s Topside play games for power, the Underground factions are ready to take as much blood as they need to win.

“Song of the Sundering is an extraordinary tale of war, discovery, treachery, and mystery. In this debut fantasy novel, packed with epic action and magic, A. R. Clinton crafts a complex puzzle with intrigue and a dash of humor.” — Leslie Watts, Story Grid Publishing Editor in Chief

Read the serialized fiction in short story form, including the prequel short story, by visiting the [world of the Array]!