AR Clinton (arcwtf)

I just like to build things

I don’t know why you’re here reading about me when you could be reading all the random shit on this site.

I guess if you must know, I like to read, write, paint (digitally), and get my murder-hobo (also digitally–sometimes in D&D and MTG games too).

My husband and I spend our spare time watching and talking about nerdy shit, whether that is some new tech-related Thing-of-Awesome or our favorite sci-fi & fantasy media.

We live in the Denver area. I am a mother of one Tiny human, step-mother of two adult children. We have two dogs, both at least 50% Boxer, which means they are 100% idiots and we love the hell out of them. We have one cat who is the true Ruler of the House… and the Tiny Human has two guinea pigs.

…Why are you still reading this?
AR Clinton (arcwtf)

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