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“Loved it!”

““Loved it! A menacing army of bizarre beings provokes a city to go to war in this epic fantasy novel about family, magic, technology, and secrets.” — Reedsy Discovery "

Read Song of Sundering

Song of Sundering

War advances toward Prin’s backyard, old knowledge of Source magic shatters, and the precarious hierarchy that keeps Prin stable is collapsing under the weight of refugees. While the leaders of Prin’s Topside play games for power, the Underground factions are ready to take as much blood as they need to win.

Independent Book Review

“Clinton’s worldbuilding rises to the levels of J.R.R. Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson’s epic tales. You can feel the author’s creative passion seeping through its pages.”

Reedsy Discovery

“Song of Sundering is an epic fantasy well worth reading. […] It’s strong and mysterious, and the world has a beautiful blend of advanced technology and arcane magic, making it one of those rare fantasies that feel wholly its own.”

Leslie Watts, Editor in Chief, Story Grid Publishing

“Song of the Sundering is an extraordinary tale of war, discovery, treachery, and mystery. In this debut fantasy novel, packed with epic action and magic, A. R. Clinton crafts a complex puzzle with intrigue and a dash of humor.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“Brilliant work with mystery!”

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  • 01- Herald & Harbinger (Sunder Series, Book 2)

  • 02- A Ravenous Void (Sunder Series, Short Story 2)

  • 03- A Hunter of Ceafield (Sunder Series, Short Story 3)

  • 04- Daughter of the Void (Sunder Series, Book 3)

Available Works

Heart of the Mountain

Heart of the Mountain

Sunder Series prequel

Song of Sundering

Song of Sundering

Sunder Series, Book 1


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Shara Shae

The Peace of Prin

Source-mancer, daughter of Ayna Shae

Ayna Shae

Leader of Prin

Prime of the Pact Council


The Mahari

Leader of the Xenai

The Things Every Growing Brain Needs

Meat, Mushrooms…and Dolphins? A confluence of thoughts regarding psilocybin & animal foods. When I got home from dropping off my tiny human at school, I sat down to journal.

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Song of Sundering

Song of Sundering is the first novel in the epic fantasy Array Series. Set after the cataclysmic Sundering, the novel follows seven characters as they struggle to make sense of their rapidly changing world.

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The Array

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Ash is writing many books set in the worlds of the Array


Ash is working on concept art to bring the Array to life

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Ash is always working in her Wiki, AKA the Caverns of Madness.

Meet Ash

A. R. Clinton

A. R. Clinton

Author & Artist

I have been writing short stories, poems, & novels since I was six years old. After a detour working in the tech industry, I am back at it!

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